Tuttnauer 3850M Annual PM Kit

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In this article, we’re going to explain what you can find in your Tuttnauer 3850M Preventative Maintenance Kit. What each part is and a short explanation of what it does.

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The Tuttnauer 3850M Annual Preventative Maintenance Kit is available here! 


What’s In The Box


This is an RPI Part #TUK124 Tuttnauer PM KIT for 2340E, 2340M (Fits only Serial #8806 and above)

This is a picture of what will be included in your specific kit. 

Door Gasket

The first item is the Door Gasket to the right of the parts as shown above. The door gasket helps seal the autoclave door and prevent steam leaks. It’s always listed as an annual maintenance part, however if you run consecutive or back-to-back cycles it will need to be changed more frequently.

We have this 3850M Door Gasket for purchase here. 


Door Bellows

The top item under the green gasket is the safety valve. The Safety Release Valve is designed to relieve the autoclave of any excess pressure so as to not cause damage. It is located inside of the reservoir.

The Door Bellows is available here. 


Air Jet Valve (Red Top)

Under the safety release valve is the Air Jet Valve with the red top. Failure to clean the air jet valve can result in failed spore tests of your autoclave. And it can be found within the reservoir of the unit.

The Air Jet Valve comes with the Kit available here.


Rubber Boot for Door Switch

The Rubber Boot for Door Switch allows you to extend the longevity of your door by preventing moisture from entering it. 

The Door Switch Rubber Boot  is available to buy here. 


Fill/Vent Mesh Chamber Filters

These chamber filters are there to help filter dirt and debris out during each cycle. They can be easily removed to be cleaned or replaced entirely. 

The Fill/Vent Mesh Chamber Filters are available here. 

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The Tuttnauer 3850M autoclave is available here. 

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