This is the Tuttnauer T-Classic 9 Maintenance and Troubleshooting Guide.

Tuttnauer T-Classic 9 Maintenance and Troubleshooting Guide

The Tuttnauer T-Classic 9 autoclave is another of Tuttnauer’s new machines that SAS has added to its lineup. The T-Classic 9 is Tuttnauer’s lightest ever unit that stillThis is the Tuttnauer T-Classic 9 Steam Autoclave . packs a punch. At just a little over 11 lbs, the T-Classic 9 can service small to medium practices while providing both power and portability in its small, yet impressive build.

Recently, we’ve written about the Tuttnauer T-Classic 9 in this article here on our site. Going in-depth on it’s features and specs, showing you what the Tuttnauer T-Classic 9 can do for your small to medium practice. And we also have a General Starting and Operation Guide for starting and operating your Tuttnauer T-Classic 9 on our site as well.

This article is going to be the maintenance and troubleshooting guide. These instructions will show you how to properly maintain and service your T-Classic 9 in case of maintenance periods or error incursions. These instructions come directly from Tuttnauer for proper maintenance and troubleshooting.

Daily Care and Maintenance

WARNING! Disconnect the autoclave from the mains power supply before cleaning.

Green Sealing Gasket
  • Remove the gasket from inside the lid and clean with warm, soapy water.
  • Rinse thoroughly, shake dry, do not wipe. 
  • Replace the gasket, carefully placing it under the location lugs. Please ensure that gasket sits against the Gasket Offset Device as shown in the image below.  Please note that the gasket may appear slightly wrinkled until the unit has been used.
  • Replace gasket when it begins to show visible signs of degradation and leakage.
This is the location of the g.o.d. spring in the Tuttnauer T-Classic 9 autoclave.Autoclave
  • If a new gasket leaks, or if a persistent leak develops, gently clean the sealing surface of both the lid and body of the unit with a light nylon pan scorer, making sure you do not remove any metal. Rinse both surfaces, but do not dry.
  • Clean both interior and exterior with warm, soapy water ensuring the electrical parts are kept dry.
  • Monitor the first cycle of the day to check the Air Bleed Device, which is located inside the lid, audibly “clicks” shut.
  • Lubricate underside of body lugs with “Vaseline” if the lid becomes stiff.


IMPORTANT! Tuttnauer recommends that your unit is annually serviced & calibrated by a qualified service technician.


In the event of an error occurring during any stage of the unit’s operation, identify the error by referring to the descriptions below. The error can be resolved by following the Troubleshooting Guide applicable to the problem incurred. 

The labels of lights and locations of valves and buttons can be found in the Tuttnauer T-Classic 9 Start and Operation Guide here.

Error Indication/Description & Troubleshooting

Error 1: No Power to Unit

  • Light: L1 fails to illuminate.
  • Blown fuse / Defective Socket / Mains not connected
  • Troubleshoot: Ensure mains lead is connected.
  • Check / replace fuse: Check power to socket.

Error 2: Boil Dry Error.

  • Light: L5 flashed RED
  • Troubleshoot:
  • i) Check water level – allow unit to cool before refilling to correct water level.
  • ii.) Check and ensure depressuurization valve is closed.
  • iii.) Clean gasket & vessel rim.

Please contact a technician if the error repeats after checking and carrying out the above troubleshooting.

Error 3: Sterilization Failed to Be Achieved

  • Light: L4 fails to illuminate.
  • Troubleshoot: Disconnect from mains then reconnect and repeat cycle. If the error repeats – contact a technician.

Error 4: Incomplete Sterilization Cycle

  • Chemical and Biological Indicators fail.
  • Disconnect from mains then reconnect and repeat cycle. If the error repeats – contact a technician.

Error 5: Steam or Water Leaks from Under the Lid

  • i) Worn or dirty gasket. Troubleshoot: Wash gasket and sealing surfaces on the body and lid as described in the “Daily Care and Maintenance section.” If the error persists, replace with a new gasket.
  • ii.) Incorrectly closed lid. Troubleshoot: Ensure the unit is fully depressurized by opening Depressurization Valve (A). Remove lid and re-fit carefully. Disconnect from mains, reconnect and repeat cycle.

Error 6: Excessive steam or water leaking from Depressurization Valve (A)

Depressurization Valve (A) in “OPEN” position, close Depressurization Valve (A).

Error 7: Settings Issue

Light L1 flashes continuously, arrange an engineer.

As always if you have any questions about this process or anything else please feel free to contact us and take advantage of our “FREE TECH SUPPORT.”

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You can find the Tuttnauer T-Classic 9 here using the link to our website.