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3 Reasons Every Tattoo Parlor Needs an Autoclave Leave a comment

There are no two ways about it — high-performance tattoo sterilization equipment is an absolute necessity for any shop in the inking and/or piercing business.

Here are some of the main reasons why it’s important for tattoo parlors to have proper sterilization tools:

    1. Health code regulations for tattoos are growing increasingly stringent
      Currently, the regulations for tattoo and body piercing operators vary in accordance with local ordinances. As such, owners and employees of tattoo parlors must be very familiar with the precise regulations in their locality and follow them with the utmost care. However, be on the lookout for changes — according to the New York State Department of Health, statewide regulations are currently in development under the statutory authority of Public Health Law Article 4A.


    1. There is equipment available for every price point
      For tattoo businesses concerned that the cost of brand new tattoo sterilization equipment will be prohibitive, there are a great many refurbished autoclaves for sale and even has a lease to own program and a national loaner program. These refurbished autoclave sterilizers can be found at Statim USA, alongside any parts that might ever be needed. Whether you are looking for Statim 2000 parts, Statim 5000 parts, or components for another type of autoclave altogether, such as Tuttnauer, these pieces are in stock for excellent prices. With proper use, maintenance, and care, this equipment will serve your business reliably for years to come.


  1. Failing to fully sanitize your equipment can make your clients sick
    Blood is one of the most dangerous vectors for disease. As pathogens are directly present in the bloodstream, any exposure to another person’s blood presents a risk for transmission. This risk remains for long periods of time as well — bloodborne pathogens can survive on exposed surfaces and equipment for as long as an entire week. Tattoo needles and piercing equipment penetrate the skin and come in contact with blood with virtually every use. The only way to ensure the safety of patrons being served with this equipment is to sanitize everything with medical-grade technology such as an autoclave every time tools are used. is your number 1 resource for all things autoclaves, we sell new autoclaves, repair your old autoclave and even purchase your old autoclave back from you.  Try us today, you wont regret it!  You can reach us at or call our FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT LINE at 704-966-1650.

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