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Sterilization Is Key: What You Need to Know Before Searching for Autoclaves Leave a comment

eBay autoclave searches can provide a great starting point when looking into purchasing an autoclave. But before you start your search, it’s a good idea to learn more about how an autoclave works, what industries it can serve, and a few other points of information.

How Do Autoclaves Work?

Autoclaves typically operate at anywhere from 250 degrees and 270 degrees Fahrenheit. These high temperatures, along with a pressure of 30 psi, are crucial tools in killing harmful microorganisms. An instrument can go into an autoclave and be sterilized by the high temperatures and pressure. Afterward, it can be reused, as it is clean and free of pathogens.

Who Uses Autoclaves?

Autoclaves are essential tools in many different industries. Veterinary clinics, tattoo parlors, hospitals, laboratories, and countless other industries make use of these sterilizing machines.

What number of those offices have been using an autoclave for their sterilization needs? Likely all of them. But do you think any would have purchased an eBay autoclave? With 46.5 million surgical procedures performed annually, autoclaves are essential. Whether from eBay or not, these machines are incredibly useful.

What Else Should You Know About Autoclaves?

Autoclaves, as we’ve discussed, are essential in many fields. They’re also complex instruments, which means it’s important to have as much information as possible. That means taking a little time to familiarize the operation of the machine and an active preventative maintenance program should extend the lifetime of the tool.

  1. Two main reasons for failure: The two main causes of autoclave failure are human operator error or mechanical failure due to an improper maintenance program.
  2. How often to test the sterilizer: The Center for Disease Control calls for a once a week testing process. Proper functions should be verified by periodic spore tests. Spore testing is the only sure way to assure sterilization.
  3. Load capacitiy: Instrument quantity inside the chamber should never exceed the manufacturer’s recommendations. Instruments, bagged or not, should not be loaded to inhibit free flow steam.
  4. Sterilization interruption: Sterilization failure is likely if the process does not cycle through. Power surges or failures usually cause an interruption.
  5. Proper cycle time: A general rule of thumb if operating at 250 degrees 20 minutes after operating temperatures and pressures are reached. It is important to allow adequate warm-up.

So is it time for you to run an autoclave eBay search? With all of this information, you should be more than prepared to start the hunt.

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