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Why Autoclaves are So Crucial to Public Health Leave a comment

Whether you work in a medical, dental field or a tattoo or piercing parlor, there is one thing you know. Keeping your tools operational, safe, and clean is of the utmost importance. The fact is however that sometimes a simple cleaning often isn’t enough in some cases. Hearing your surgeon’s tools were just “cleaned up” after use isn’t ever a good thing. And you don’t want to have your tattoo artist say that they just “wiped off” the needle they’re about to use.

Bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens are extremely persistent in hanging around. Reusing tools makes it very necessary to sterilize them after washing. Dentists, surgeons, vets, funerary practices, tattoo artists, and body piercers, among other professions all rely on sterilization equipment like autoclaves. With that, Repairing autoclaves is sometimes necessary just like other machines. So if you’re wondering where to find autoclave repair near you, look no further!

In this article we’ll discuss three things:

  • The importance of autoclaves
  • How an autoclave works and the uses of an autoclave
  • How to find reliable autoclave repair.

Why are Autoclaves So Necessary?

Whether it’s a tattoo autoclave or a medical autoclave, they’re a sure-fire way of sterilizing equipment. As mentioned above, cleaning is just the first step — sterilization is imperative to keeping people safe. For example, bloodborne pathogens can hang out on objects for as long as a week — a simple cleaning might miss some. With an autoclave, there’s no chance of that.

Passing countless diseases and infections from person to person could be the result of not sterilizing tools properly. Not only could that cause immeasurable harm, but it would open up hospitals, veterinary practices, and other businesses to immense lawsuits as well.

When and how did autoclaves come about?

We have Louis Pasteur, a French chemist, to thank for the autoclave. In his efforts to find better sterilization methods he discovered that bacteria could be killed at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. That discovery in the mid-19th century helped lead to the use of autoclaves as a standard medical tool.

What is the function of an Autoclave?

An autoclave is one kind of steam sterilizer. It pressurizes and heats steam to about 270 degrees Fahrenheit, which will eradicate almost all contaminants. The time that items remain in the autoclave depends on the amount of equipment loaded in and how big it is.

Once the autoclave chamber is closed, a vacuum pump pulls out all the interior air or the steam that’s pumped in forces it out. When the temperature hits the desired point, a timer starts and more steam continues to pour in until the timer goes off. Finally pressure and steam leave the chamber, and the door can be opened to let the items inside cool down and dry out.

How To Maintain an Autoclave?

You need to regularly test and service your sterilization machines. The Centers for Disease Control mandate that a spore test needs to be done weekly on each autoclave or sterilizer. There are also general outlines in your machines user manual for the weekly, monthly, and yearly maintenance schedules.

Generally, if an autoclave fails, there are two main reasons:

  • First – Human error (the operator didn’t do something right)
  • Second – Mechanical failure (the machine is too old or maintenance wasn’t carried out correctly)

It is very important to repair your autoclave immediately if it does fail.

Autoclave Repair Near Me

Searching for “autoclave repair near me” can turn up a lot of results. Depending on your situation, it might also be good to filter the “autoclave repair near me” results by those that sell new and refurbished autoclaves, should you need those services as well.

Make sure they also have experience fixing your make and model. Some businesses may offer free pick-up and a warranty on any replaced parts. You should also make sure that they’re servicing the autoclave to the manufacturer’s specifications to avoid any hiccups down the line if it does wind up needing further repair or maintenance.

Some businesses will also offer a trade-in program, which might be a good option if you feel that your autoclave is getting towards the end of its lifespan or you’re looking for a newer model.

Making sure that your autoclaves are up and running is imperative to your customers’ health and safety, no matter what profession you’re in that uses them. Keep them regularly maintained and avoid accidents! is your number 1 resource for all things autoclaves, we sell new autoclaves, repair your old autoclave and even purchase your old autoclave back from you.  Try us today, you wont regret it!  You can reach us at or call our FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT LINE at 704-966-1650.

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