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Tuttnauer EZPlus Sterilizer… What’s so Special?

Tuttnauer has always focused on meeting the ever-changing workloads and regulatory requirements in the sterilization world. With the EZPlus series of Tuttnauer Autoclaves, they have shown again that they mean business.

Tuttnauer EZPlus fully automatic autoclaves use the latest developments in sterilization and infection control. And they cover the most current sterilization and safety standards in the industry.

Changes with the EZPlus autoclave line.

The new design has a significantly increased capacity while still allowing for ease of use by the operator. And the closed-door drying system ensures that the door stays closed during the entire dry cycle. This helps to maintain sterility and complete drying for packs and pouches.

The footprint of the EZ9 Plus and EZ11 Plus may be similar to other 9 inch and 11 inch autoclaves but that’s where the similarities end.

The difference in the Tuttnauer EZPlus Sterilizer chamber design.

The EZ9 Plus fully automatic autoclave has a chamber that is 9 inches in diameter and 19.8 inches deep. It comes with 3 extra-large stainless steel trays for use with pouches and/or packs. But if you would rather use cassettes it comes with an included rack that holds 2 full-size cassettes along with 2 half-size cassettes.

The EZ11 Plus fully automatic autoclave is even larger because it was designed for practices that need to sterilize many instruments at one time. The EZ11 Plus has a chamber that is 11 inches in diameter and 19.8 inches deep.

While most 11 inch autoclaves will only hold 4 trays the EZ11 Plus has 5 extra-large trays to use with pouches and packs. The EZ11 Plus comes with 1 pouch rack that fits on the extra-large tray. The pouches and packs can be loaded vertically on the racks, this allows for more instruments to be sterilized during each cycle. Your workflow can be significantly increased when using this system.

But don’t worry because if your practice uses cassettes you still have a much greater advantage with the EZ11 Plus. Because of its size, the EZ11 Plus can hold 4 Standard Full Size and 4 Standard Half Size cassettes in each load. And again you just use the rack that is included with the autoclave.

The great thing about the EZ9 Plus and EZ11 Plus is that Tuttnauer didn’t redesign them just for a larger workload. They also considered many other important features in these sterilizers.

How a new door design can make life simpler.

The new ergonomically friendly designed EZGlide door provides effortless opening, closing, and locking. The operator just gently closes the door and the built-in double safety locking mechanism engages on its own.

Tuttnauer EZPlus sterilizers have a high-efficiency air pump that circulates air through a HEPA filter, and the door stays closed and locked through the entire drying cycle. This fast and efficient drying operation maintains the sterility of your wrapped instruments throughout the procedure.

The beauty of the EZView multi-color display.

Staff will absolutely love the simplified operation that comes with the new EZView multi-color display. Even at a distance, it will let them see exactly where the cycle is when the autoclave is in use.

The operator uses a simple 3-key EZPad to see and choose the appropriate sterilization program for each load. The display shows all program parameters including sterilization time, temperature, and drying time.

The temperature and pressure are constantly displayed for the operator to see while the sterilization cycle is running. The EZView helps the operator keep track by also displaying the current stage of the sterilization cycle. Each stage is represented by a different color which makes it even easier to get real-time information at a glance.

Now adding water is even easier.

A new feature on the EZPlus automatic autoclaves is a water reservoir that can now be filled from 2 different spots. You have your choice of a front fill funnel, or an opening at the top of the unit. Both locations are easily accessible for you to add distilled water to the autoclave.

Documenting and storing cycle data a breeze.

If your office keeps track of cycle data the EZPlus has two options for storage. The first choice is to easily transfer the data manually with the included USB port. Secondly, you can choose the optional printer that is available and will give you a hard copy of the cycle data for your records.

Additionally, when you use the optional Tuttnauer RPCR software, users can monitor the EZPlus remotely on the local network. The RPCR Software generates hard copy reports with graphs and tables that can be saved as PDF files.

Tuttnauer EZPlus sterilizer Warranties you won’t find anywhere else.

One thing you can be certain of is that Tuttnauer stands behind its equipment. So your EZPlus Automatic Sterilizer comes with a comprehensive two-year warranty on parts and labor. Tuttnauer also includes a 10-year warranty on the chamber itself.

Here at Sterilizer Autoclave Solutions we even go a step further. We have an EZ9 Plus LIFETIME WARRANTY and an EZ11 Plus LIFETIME WARRANY that you will not find anywhere else in the industry.

As always it is Safety First.

With sterilization safety ALWAYS has to come first. And Tuttnauer made sure the EZPlus fully automatic autoclaves will meet all your safety needs. Even though these are advanced sterilizers they are extremely easy to use. EZPlus autoclaves are designed to save operator time and eliminate potential operator errors within the healthcare practice setting.

EZPlus gives you a large capacity chamber that allows you to sterilize more instruments with each cycle. There is an easy to close door with an automatic double safety locking system. An easy to understand multi-color display, a water reservoir with two filling options, and more. The great part is that this is all backed by a comprehensive warranty. Tuttnauer always strives to help healthcare professionals keep their patients safe.

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