This article shows Scican's procedures for running a sterilization cycle in a Statclave G4

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In this article we want to share Scican Ltd.’s proper procedures for running a cycle on a Scican StatClave G4 Chamber Autoclave. We will cover powering the unit on, loading, selecting a cycle, removing a load, stopping a cycle, emergency door opening, and more.

Running a Cycle on a Scican StatClave G4*

Once the autoclave has been correctly installed (refer to our article “Installing a Scican Statclave G4 Chamber Autoclave”), and before using your STATCLAVE for the first time, make sure BOTH the clean water reservoir and Venturi reservoir are full (refer to our article “Preparing the Scican Statclave G4 For Use” for detailed instructions).

Power on the Unit

The main switch is located below the door handle.

The power switch for a Scican Statclave G4 chamber autoclave

Ensure Both Reservoirs are Full

You will not be able to start a cycle if the reservoir levels are below the minimum fill lines.

The Scican Statclave G4 showing both top reservoirs full

Open the Door

The LCD should display the UNLOCKED icon. Pull up on the handle to disengage the manual latch and open the door. If the door will not open, press the LOCK icon to go to the door lock status screen and press the UNLOCK icon.

Opening the door on a Scican Statclave G4 chamber autoclave

CAUTION! Hot Chamber. The unit’s Stand-by mode is preset to maintain a hot chamber. To avoid burns, take care not to touch the chamber, rack or door with bare hands.

Load the Instruments

Refer to our article “Scican Statclave G4 Proper Instrument Loading” for detailed instructions.

Loading instrument trays into the Statclave G4

Close the Door

Close the door by locking the handle into position. When you close the door, you will hear the sound of the vacuum system adjusting chamber pressure to seal the door. This is a normal operating sound.

This is a Scican Statclave G4 Chamber Autoclave

Select the Cycle

From the LCD, select the cycle you want to run. Press the icon to see the cycle name and parameters.

The main screen view on a Statclave G4

User tip for using pin code to start Statclave G4 cycle

This is a tip to help if there is a door lock or water problem

Press Start

Starting an equipment sterilization cycle in a Scican Statclave G4 chamber autoclave

If the chamber is cold, warming up can take up to 12 minutes.

Statclave G4 chamber warming up display

Allow the cycle to run to completion.

The LED will display updates while the cycle is running.

Cycle is Complete

When the cycle is complete, press STOP to release the load.

Pressing Stop on the Statclave LED screen at the end of a cycle.

IMPORTANT! When the drying stage is finished, the display will show the cycle is complete.

Remove the load

Open the door. Using the tray extractor, remove the trays.

Using the tray extractor to remove trays from a Scican Statclave G4


CAUTION! The metal parts will be hot.

CAUTION! If the screen displays a CYCLE FAULT code or a NOT STERILE message, the contents are not sterile. See Manual Section 11 on Troubleshooting for more information. Water droplets and visible signs of moisture on sterile packaging or the tape used to secure it, may compromise sterility of processed loads or be indicative of a sterilization process failure. Visually check outside wrapper for dryness. If there are water droplets or visible moisture on the exterior of the package or on the tape used to secure it, the pack or instrument tray is considered unacceptable.


Stopping a Cycle

To stop a cycle BEFORE sterilization is complete, press the STOP icon at the bottom right of the touchscreen:

How to stop a cycle before it is complete in a statclave g4

To stop a cycle DURING the drying phase, press the STOP icon at the bottom right of the touchscreen:

How to stop a cycle during the drying phase on a Statclave G4

Opening the door after pressing STOP

Opening the Scican Statclave G4 door after pressing stop during a sterilization cycle.


Using the Start Delay

using the start delay feature in a scican statclave g4 chamber autoclave


Emergency Door Opening

The STATCLAVE is equipped with a safety mechanism that automatically regulates the chamber pressure when the unit loses power. The unit will take approximately 2 minutes to depressurize. You will hear a bubbling sound as chamber air is exhausted into the wastewater reservoir. But, without power, the door lock remains engaged. To unlock the door without power, follow these steps.

1 – Remove the emergency door unlocking pin located in the handle of the tray extractor supplied with your STATCLAVE.

Removing the emergency door unlocking pin for statclave g4


2 – Insert the emergency door unlocking pin into the small hole on the side of the unit’s handle. Push the pin into the hole as far as it goes to trigger the door release.

Inserting the EDLP into the handle

3 – Remove the emergency door unlocking pin from the hole in the door handle.

Removing the EDUP from the handle of a Scican Statclave G4

4 – Pul up on the handle to open

The handle to open the door of a Scican Statim G4

CAUTION! Risk of Injury! Do not force the door handle. If the handle does not unlatch easily, allow the unit to cool for 10 minutes before attempting again.

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*All information taken from SciCan STATCLAVE G4 Chamber Autoclave Operator’s Manual 95-115362 CA EN R3


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