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The OSO Pure ADP-V is the perfect partner for your existing HVAC. And we are using OSO Pure’s help* again to give you a quick overview of why this product is so beneficial.

What is an ADP-V?

OSO Pure Air Disinfecting Purifier ADP-V1 - V2 - V3 (HVAC System) left side

The ADP-V utilizes Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) technology to purify the practice’s air and surfaces. Bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, and other contaminants are continuously rendered harmless. Odors are also eliminated, creating a cleaner, safer work environment. The ADP-V gives you additional protection by reducing pathogens in the workplace.

How does the ADP-V work?

The ADP-V Series air purifier installs in the practice’s HVAC system effectively oxidizing viruses, bacteria, mold, odors, and VOC’s in the air and on surfaces. Unlike air filtration devices, the ADP emits powerful oxidizers that attack pathogens at the point of origin as opposed to waiting for them to be removed via filtration. Our process provides an extra layer of protection 24/7 to you, your staff, and your patients.

Where can the ADP-V be used?

It can be utilized anywhere infection control is warranted:

  • Operatory Areas & Labs
  • Patient Waiting & Breakrooms
  • Seri-Centers & Prosthetic Processing
  • Any Unconfined Area
  • For Multi-Room Use Only

What types of contaminants can the ADP-V remove?

Contaminant removal includes:

  • Pathogens – Bacteria & virus
  • Particulates – Dust & Allergens
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) – Resins & Formaldehydes
  • Chemically Active Compounds (CAC) – Solvents & Compounds

What kind of benefits does the ADP-V provide?

  • Delivers protection to every room in the practice
  • Unseen delivery (installs in ductwork)
  • Completely noiseless (0 dB)
  • Zero maintenance
  • Easy annual cell replacement
  • Safe for humans & pets.
  • Conforms to EPA, OSHA, FDA & NIOSH safety levels

Other ADP-V Advantages

  • No costly consumable filter to replace
  • Fights pathogens, odors, and chemicals where they are
  • Uses your duct system for even room coverage and distribution that competitors lack
  • Exclusive 1 Year Warranty

OSO Pure Air Disinfecting Purifier ADP-V1 - V2 - V3 (HVAC System) right side

Is the ADP-V hard to install?

ADP-V Installation:

  • Installs in minutes in your existing ductwork
  • Full coverage = one unit per A/C system
  • Installation cost @$300-400
  • Expandable (add as you grow)
  • Semi-permanent



There are 3 models to choose from that are installed near your air handler. Select the size that correlates to the office area covered by each of your air handlers

How do I know which ADP-V I need to install?

Sizing is as easy as 1-2-3 because all you need to know is the square footage, and the number of a/c units in your practice.

Here is an example:

  • Take a 2000 sq ft practice with a single a/c system – It requires One ADP-V2
  • Take a 2000 sq ft practice with two a/c systems – It requires Two ADP-V1’s
  • Take a 3000 sq ft practice with two a/c systems – It requires One ADP-V1 & One ADP-V2
We hope this has helped answer some of the basic information regarding the new OSO Pure ADP-V series air purifiers.

See the OSO Pure Air Disinfecting Purifier ADP-V1 here

See the OSO Pure Air Disinfecting Purifier ADP-V2 here

See the OSO Pure Air Disinfecting Purifier ADP-V3 here

You can also see the wall-mounted OSO Pure Air Disinfecting Purifier ADP-70 here

If you would like more information you can find the OSO Pure ADP-V here. And please feel free to contact us anytime for our FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT.

*OSO Pure site information, presentation, and data document downloads at osopure.com

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