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Whether you’re a tattoo artist, veterinary professional or a medical professional, you’ll likely understand how important a fully functioning Statim 2000/5000 autoclave can be to your work. To ensure that your sterilizer functions the way it should, you need to perform preventative maintenance on a regular basis. But if you’re unsure as to which tasks should be performed daily and which can be done once every month, you’ll want to consult this guide.

On a daily basis, you should…

  • Replace the water in your autoclave’s reservoir as needed (you may want to drain it at the end of each day, leave empty overnight, and refill the next day)
  • When you refill the reservoir, empty the waste bottle
  • Fill up your waste bottle with water (up to the MIN marker) and add chlorine-free disinfectant as needed

On a weekly basis, you should…

  • Wash the cassette’s interior with mild detergent or dishwashing soap (these products should not contain chlorine)
  • Scrub the inside with a cleaning pad, ideally one made for surfaces made of Teflon
  • Rinse to remove all traces of cleaning product
  • Treat the cassette interior with branded drying agent
  • Conduct a spore test on your sterilizer (as recommended by the CDC)
  • Check the Statim autoclave’s air filter for moisture and dirt: if wet, call for maintenance; if dirty, replace the filter
  • Check and clean the water reservoir; replace if necessary

Every six months or 500 cycles, you should…

  • Replace the cassette seal
  • Replace the biological or air filter

Every year, you should…

  • Contact your autoclave maintenance service for scheduled service, which should include:
    • Checking the seal, lid, and tray for damage (and replacing if necessary)
    • Inspecting the filter for moisture and dirty (and replacing if necessary)
    • Replace the check valve
    • Inspecting and cleaning the solenoid valves and the pump
    • Replacing the plunger, if needed
    • Checking the air compressor tube to ensure there are no leaks
    • Calibrating the unit

With so many important components in your sterilizer, it’s important that they all function to the best of their ability. But despite all your best efforts, your Statim 2000/5000 autoclave may fail to do its job at some point. At that time, you’ll need help from autoclave repair services to restore your sterilizer’s function. For more information on maintenance practices, repair services for your autoclave, or purchasing a new sterilizer model, get in touch with Statim USA today. is a leading provider of Scican/Midmark/Tuttnauer Table Top Autoclaves!

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