SciCan Statim G4 5000 Quarterly PM Kit #3

What’s in the Statim G4 5000 PM Kit #3

In this article, we’re going to explain what you can find in your SciCan Statim G4 5000 Preventative Maintenance Kit #3. What each part is and a short explanation of what it does.

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The Statim G4 5000 Quarterly PM Kit #3 is available here 


What’s In The Box

Cassette Seal

SciCan Statim G4 2000 Cassette Seal








The first item is the Door Seal. The door seal helps seal the autoclave door and prevent steam leaks. It’s always listed as an annual maintenance part, however if you run consecutive or back-to-back cycles it will need to be changed more frequently.

We have this Cassette Seal for purchase here. 


Air Compressor Filter


This is a SciCan STATIM 5000 Air Compressor Filter OEM 01-101652S








The Compressor Filter helps to filter the compressor on the back of the unit. This is the initial filtration for the compressor.

The Air Compressor Filter is able to be purchased here. 


Biological Filter

This is a Scican Statim G4 2000-5000 biological filter oem 01-102119s.







The Biological Filter helps to filter out any harmful particles going into the unit. This is what filters the air going into the cassette through the boiler.

This Statim G4 5000 Biological Filter is available here. 

The Statim G4 5000 autoclave is available here. 

The Statim G4 5000 PM Kit #3 can be purchased here. 

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