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HYDRIM C61W G4 Instrument Washer OEM C61W-D01 1 YR WRNTY

$6,799.00 $6,999.00

Countertop or under the counter, steri-center installation.

  • G4 web portal includes data storage, service logs and remote access capabilities
  • Validated cycles to ensure repeatable washing performance
  • Improved serviceability, reliability and minimal maintenance requirements
  • Vivid color touch screen
  • Robust stainless steel exterior
  • USB port for data storage
  • Active hot air drying

The HYDRIM G4 is capable of communicating directly with service personnel or anyone you choose.

Should the HYDRIM G4 ever need attention, diagnostic information can be sent via email to pre-selected dealer service reps, significantly reducing down time.

The HYDRIM G4 supports verifiable processes that are PIN protected with user-defined IDs so that staff members can be required to authorize a cycle.

This encourages extra attention to process and creates a safer environment for both staff and patient.

With each cycle, information must be stored to protect your office and your patients. The integrated data logger store all cycle information for the lifetime of the unit.

A USB port allows for the manual retrieval of cycle history. The 10/100 Base-T Ethernet connection puts your PC in direct contact with your HYDRIM G4 and the RS232 serial printer port allows you to connect with an external


Dimensions: (w x h x d) 598 x 520 x 526mm
(23.5” x 20.5” x 20.7”)
Depth with door open: “82.9 cm / 32.6
Weight: 44 kg / 97 lbs
Cycle Times* Rinse and Hold 5 mins
Regular Wash + Dry 26 mins. + 10 mins.
Heavy Duty Wash + Dry 30 mins. + 10 mins.
Water Consumption Per Cycle:
Rinse and Hold 7.6 litres / 2 gallons
Regular Wash 11.5 litres / 3 gallons
Heavy Duty Wash 11.5 litres / 3 gallons
Electrical Connection
Electrical Rating: 208-240V, 12A, 60 Hz
Running noise: < 65 dB
Water and Drain Connections
Hot and Cold Water Tap Connection 3/4” Garden hose, male
Recommended Hot Water Temperature   60°C / 140°F
Cold Water Temperature < 30°C / 86°F
Inlet Water Pressure 1 – 10 bar / 14.5 – 145 psi
Drain 2 cm / 3/4”
01-109965S 4XLCassetteRack,1/1,HydrimL/M2
01-109963S 5CassetteRack,1/1,HydrimL/M2
01-109964S 5CassetteRack,1/1,HydrimL/M2
01-111598 Basket,fullsizeHydrimL110W/M2,K
01-109967S Basket,Hygiene,1/4,HydrimL/M2
01-109966S Basketwithlid,1/4,HydrimL/M2
01-110409S Hinged Instrument Rack, S
01-108294 Kit Basket with Hinged Lid,K
01-108371 Kit Lower Rack 4XL Cassettes, K
01-108370 Kit Upper Rack3XL Cassettes,K
01-107240 Kit2000Basket,J
01-107241 Kit5000Basket,J
01-108232 KitBasketLong,K
V4750 Neutralizer Replacement Filter
V4740 Vistabrite 10″ Neutralizer cartridge
CS-HIPL Washer detergent ( 2 boxes/case )
01-110895S + Assy, Service Door w/LCS
01-113909S +DosingPump Vol.Valid. C61wd/M2 G4
01-113776S +Handpiece Adapter Assembly M2 G4
01-113359S AirGap Overflow Tray Statflow
13319.10 Air Filter for Hydrim L110W only
13416.01 Air Valve 1″ -Hydrim L110w
01-113830S AirBreak, L110w G4
01-111834S Assy , LCS Manifold , J
01-113853S Backflow Preventer AB AirGap, M2
S4350 Booster Pump with transformer
01-113831S Breather CheckValve, L110w/M2 G4
01-113868S Cable, Communication L110w/M2 G4
01-113854S Cable, Ethernet, L110w/M2 G4
01-112398S Cable, USB, Statim/HydrimL/M G4
01-113260S Cable,RS232,C61/L110/M2 G4
01-111408S ChamberLevelSwitch, L110w/M2/G4
01-111409S ChamberPressureSwitch, L110w/M2/G4
01-113867S Check Valve 1″ L110w/M2/G4
01-113866S Check Valve 3/8″ C61/L110w/M2/G4
01-112026S Check Valve Drain
01-113865S Check Valve EA type EN1717
01-113665S Colour LCD Controller, L110W
01-113912S Condenser, Hydrim M2 G4
01-111898S CouplingKitCircularPress.Pipe,K
01-113843S Course Filter, Hydrim L110w/M2 G4
01-111469S Cover Top Hydrim L110, K
01-114232S Cover Top HydrimL110w/M2/G4
01-113832S Cover Top LowProfile Hydrim M2 G4
01-111466S CoverLeftSide HydrimL110w/M2/G4
01-114231S Cover-Rear Hydrim L110/M2/G4
01-111467S CoverRear HydrimL110w/M2 G4
01-111468S CoverRightSide HydrimL110w/M2/G4
01-114237S Cover-Side-L Hydrim L110/M2/G4
01-114230S Cover-Side-R Hydrim L110/M2/G4
01-114233S Cover-Top Low Hydrim M2-G4
01-113833S Decal Hydrim L110w G4
01-113834S Decal Hydrim M2 G4
01-111670S Detergent Coiled Tubing and Cap,K
01-112080S Door Latch Cord Assy L110w/M2/G4
01-111783S Door LatchAssembly,L110w/M2/G4
01-113790S Door Seal L110w/M2 G4
01-113836S Door Wash Chamber HydrimL110w/M2 G4
01-113835S Door, Chemical HydrimL110w/M2 G4
01-113837S Dosing Pump Bellows L110w/M2 G4
01-114440S Dosing Res. Breather Kit
01-113859S Dosing Reservoir w/Plug L/M G4
01-113858S Dosing Reservoir w/Switch L/M G4
01-113860S Dosing Valve, L110w/M2 G4
01-111412S Drain Pump, Hydrim L110w/M2/G4
01-109142S Dryer Assy Hydrim C51w/L110w/G4
01-109144S DryerFitting, J/L110w/G4
01-109143S Dryertubing, J/L110w/G4
01-112730S DualSpringReplace,Door,L110W/M2/G4
01-110505S EMI Filter 20A/250V
01-113838S Extension Low Spray Arm L110w/M2 G4
01-113855S Fan, 24V,M2 G4
01-113844S Fine Filter, Hydrim L110w/M2 G4
17137.02 Flow Switch, new L110W
01-112593S Foamkickplate,L110/M2
01-112545S Fuse Holder, Qty2, Bravo/Hydrims
01-103472S Fuses 15A (2 pcs), B/C/D/Hydrims
01-114354S Guide Rails , M2/L110 Spare Kit
01-113840S HingeLeft, Hydrim L110w/M2 G4
01-113841S HingeRight,Hydrim L110w/M2 G4
01-114236S HW,Panels&Kickplate L110/M2/G4
01-113842S Hydrim L110w G4 Reference Guide
01-113842S Hydrim M2 G4 Reference Guide
01-108305S Hydrim Water Test Kit,J/K
01-113864S Inlet hose EU Straight L110w/M2 G4
01-107788S Inlet Hose N.A. C61/L110w/M2/G4
01-113863S Intel hose NA Straight L110w/M2 G4
01-114112 Internet Power Adapter Access Kit
01-113310S IO PCB,C61/L110w/M2 G4
01-111476S Kickplate Front, Hydrim L110/M2/G4
01-114234S Kickplate-Front Hydrim L110/M2/G4
01-114235S Kickplate-Rear Hydrim L110/M2/G4
01-111477S KickplateRear, HydrimL110w/M2/G4
01-114458S Kit, Check-Valve, Cartridge, 3/8″
01-114293S Kit,Validation,Circ pump,Hyd M2,C61
01-113654S L110w/M2/G4 D-Strip Door Seal Spare
01-109617S Label Door Warning Hydrim SparPrt
01-113856S LCD Assembly, L110w/M2 G4
01-112438S Lower Basket RailL110/M2 Kit
01-113789S Lower Door Seal L110w/M2 G4
01-113846S Operator Manual Hydrim L110w G4
01-113845S Operator Manual Hydrim M2 G4
01-111667S Packaging Hydrim L110w/G4
01-113847S Packaging Hydrim M2/G4
01-110281S Power Cord N.A. 15A/250V
01-113266S Power Supply 5V/24V,C61/L110w/M2 G4
01-114108S Power Supply upgrade kit M2/L110
01-113861S Regeneration Valve, M2 G4
01-114221 RFID Adapter USB Software upgrade
01-112024S Rocker Switch Spare Kit ,L110W/M2
01-112594S Salt,Water Softener
01-111485S Screw Kickplate Hydrim L110w/M2/G4
01-111483S Screw Top Cover Hydrim L110/M2/G4
01-111484S Screw, BackCover & ServiceDoor, K
96-113788 Service Manual Hydrim L110w G4
22089.01 Single Solenoid Valve
01-113271S Single Temp. Sensor,C61w/L110w G4
01-113682S Speaker Assy,C61/L110w/M2 G4
01-113848S Trolley Lower Hydrim L110w G4
01-113849S Trolley Lower Hydrim M2 G4
01-113850S Trolley Upper Hydrim L110w/M2 G4
01-113851S Tubing Drain Hydrim L110w G4
01-113852S Tubing Drain Hydrim M2 G4
01-109790S Upper Spray Arm Hydrim
01-113330S Valve,1in-1out,C61/L110w/M2 G4 (Hot V)
01-113331S Valve,1in-2out,C61/L110w/M2 G4 (Cold V)
S7210 Vista Gauge
S7205 Vista Regulator Body
BX003 Vistabrite Accessory box
BX004 Vistabrite Overpack box
BX001 Vistabrite System box
BX002 Vistabrite Tank Box
01-111495S Wash Arm Middle L110w/M2/G4
01-113839S Water Heater Hydrim L110w/M2 G4
01-113857S Water Softener Container, L110w/M2/G4


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