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New – 1 YR WARRNTY! Scican Statim G4 5000 OEM G4-201103



SciCan’s innovative G4 Technology, now WiFi enabled, automatically records and monitors every cycle 24/7 so the tedious task of manually logging cycle data can now be done automatically and error-free.

Logging accurate cycle information has never been so effortless, simple and efficient. STATIM G4 Technology detects human or mechanical error before it costs time and money.


Benefits of the G4 network:

  • Monitoring real-time cycle data
  • Instant data logging
  • Proactive maintenance management
  • Automatic system updates to your G4 machines

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STATIM‘s unmatched speed and dependability have made STATIM the world’s best-selling autoclave. And its patented gentle technology has made STATIM the world’s favorite.


The STATIM G4 will offer you a level of interactivity never seen before. The STATIM G4, through its LCD touch screen control and STATIM Live networking capability, has been designed to provide you with unprecedented ease of use and puts the user in total control.


Healthcare practitioners in over 90 countries around the world rely on STATIM to protect their patients and staff from infection – with sterilized instruments in just minutes. In 1989, SciCan transformed the industry, developing the world’s first compact sterilization unit designed to meet the growing need for handpiece sterilization. Today, the STATIM still boasts superior cycle times and processes for both wrapped and unwrapped cycles. In fact, the STATIM Cassette Autoclave® sterilizes up to ten times faster than traditional ‘chamber style’ units. Employing a proprietary positive pressure pulse displacement technology – using saturated steam to remove air and effectively sterilize instruments between patients – the STATIM Autoclave ensures dentists always have an ample supply of instruments ready for use.


Reduces Instrument Investment

STATIM sterilizes handpieces and instruments for immediate use in as little as 8 minutes, reducing the number required as instruments can be processed ‘just in time’ or between patients.

Increases Efficiency

Fast point-of-use sterilization makes turnaround a priority, increasing efficiency and virtually eliminates instrument bottlenecks.

Gentle on Instruments

Our state-of-the-art steam technology is gentle on both solid and hollow instruments.


Immediate Steam Generation

Unlike conventional autoclaves that need to heat an entire reservoir of water, STATIM uses only a small, specific amount of water required for each cycle. Water is introduced into a heating device referred to as a ‘steam generator’, rapidly heated and converted to steam in mere seconds.

Air Removal

Using PPPD technology and our patented steam injection process – air is automatically forced out of the sterilization chamber.

Cassette System

The thin stainless steel walls of STATIM’s fully-removable cassette, (or sterilization chamber) allow for rapid heating and cooling of the chamber. As a result, STATIM meets the conditions for sterilization and drying in a fraction of the time required by a conventional autoclave.

Drying Technology

The STATIM 2000 and 5000 have each been designed to provide you with a complete solution: rapid sterilization balanced by rapid drying.



A large 3.5” high-resolution touchscreen offers a vivid display of messages, current cycle information and customizable colours all with extraordinary clarity. Fully adjustable contrast levels let you optimize the screen to the lighting in your steri-centre.


Through your networked portal, you can view not only your STATIMs current operations in real time, you can also access cycle history, printing and validation information, and also sterilization records. Capable of sending emails with cycle information errors directly to your dealer, your STATIM G4 will let qualified technicians know when service is imminent.


Patient safety relies on attention to detail. The STATIM G4 supports verifiable processes that are PIN protected with user-defined IDs so that staff members can be required to authorize a cycle. This encourages extra attention to process and creates a safer environment for both staff and patients.


An undocumented sterilization cycle might as well not have been performed. With each cycle, information must be stored to protect your office and your patient. The integrated DataLogger stores all cycle information for the lifetime of the unit, which is accessible through multiple channels such as: a USB port for manual retrieval; an Ethernet connection for web based archiving or desktop printing; or a RS232 port for an external printer option.

Machine Size: 21.5″x16.25″x7.5″
Cassette Internal Dimensions: 15″x7″x3″
Reservoir capacity 4 liters
Weight: 33 kg / 72 lbs
Power: 11 – 120v 50/60 Hz 1300 W

01-108263S Basket, Medical 5000
01-108262S Basket, Medical 5000
01-112384S Cassette Complete
01-112509S Cassette Complete Extended Length
01-101649S Cassette Seal and Lube Kit
01-112385S Cassette Tray w/ Rack
01-112510S Cassette Tray w/ Rack Extended Length
01-113543S Cassette w/o Rack 5000 G4 Kit
01-103935 Drying Plates, Pkg of 5
01-104499 Extended Cassette Instrument Rack
01-112868S Mat Silicon 5000
01-113482S Rack w/Drying Plates
01-102054S Rack, Wrapped
SCI134-US Test Strip Indicators
01-113544S Tray w. Box & no Rack ST5000 G4
01-103923 Waste Bottle Additional


STAT-DRI Plus Drying Agent
2OZPLUS Stat-Dri Plus,  2 ounce bottle with sprayer
8OZPLUS Stat-Dri Plus, 8 ounce bottle with cap (refill)
8OZPLUST Stat-Dri PlusT, 8oz. With sprayer
32OZPLUS Stat-Dri Plus,  32 ounce bottle


01-103064S  CAL. CASS W/THERM.
01-110892S + Sensor Float Vertical, D/H/I
01-101652S Air Filter
01-103469S Allen Key 9/64
01-101623S Armature *Not Field Replaceable*
01-102119S Bioligical Filter
01-104284S Biological Filter Bracket
01-108980S Boiler Alex
01-100780S Bumper
01-113655S Cable Adapter Molex-to-JST Spare kit
01-112790S Cable Power Supply Output 5000 kit
01-112404S Cable Signal w Ferrite Statim G4
01-112398S Cable, USB Statim G4, Kit
01-109898S Cali.Cassett Temp Probe Kit
01-103087S Calibration cassette w/o thermometer
01-101664S Calibration Cassette w/Thermometer
01-112937S Cassette Extended Bottom Handle
01-112388S Cassette Handle Lid
01-112513S Cassette Handle Lid Extended Length
01-112387S Cassette Handles Lid & Tray
01-112512S Cassette Handles Lid & Tray Extended Length
01-112386S Cassette Lid
01-112511S Cassette Lid Extended Length
01-106070S Cassette Lid Handle, C
01-112937S Casssette Handle Tray Extended Length
01-108389S Chassis Kit 5000
01-101627S Check Valve
01-112423S Compressor Medo
01-103139S Conductivity Meter (water tester)
01-103141S Control Box
01-109129S Copper Tubing
01-112393S Cover Complete
01-112394S Cover w/o Facia
01-113815S Cover w/o LCD
01-104329S Cylindrical Dust Filter Holder
01-112405S DC Power Supply Statim G4
01-112397S Decal, Front Fascia 5000-S G4 Kit
74-100335A Drain Tube 1″
01-112091S Drain Tube Clip
01-112403S Ethernet Cable w Ferrite Statim G4
01-100204S Exhaust Tubing
01-110834S Ext. Evaluation Cassette Handles, C
01-101650S Facia Gasket
01-113815S Facia Only
01-109300S Filter Water Reservoir
01-110891S Float Switch 90 Degree
01-109752S Fuse 0.8A Rev 7 PCB
01-103472S Fuse 15A (Qty 2)
01-114292S Fuse 2.5A, Slo-Blo
01-103498S Fuse 2A
01-104785S Instrument Holder, 10MM
01-104786S Instrument Holder, 4MM
01-114107S Internet Power Adapter Spare kit
01-103857S Isoplate  *Not Field Replaceable*
01-109671S Keypad
01-113641S LCD module Statim 5000/S G4, kit
01-109477S LCD Replacement Kit SEVEN, C
01-109494S LCD Replacement Kit w/o Ferrite, B
01-101553S Leveler
01-104180S Leveler Repair Kit
01-106087S Line Filter 5000
01-112400S Logic PCB Statim G4 Kit
01-109390S Micro SEVEN 110V N.A. (PCB V6.4+), C
01-113390S Micro SEVEN ST5000G4 US
01-103604S MICROPROCESSOR 100/110V 3.1 + EAR
01-101621S Microswitch
01-113586S Op. Manual ST2000/5000 G4 NA kit
01-113587S Operator’s Manual
01-107282S O’Rings Cal. cassette
01-108638S Packaging Country Kit Box
01-108416S Packaging Foam Insert Ends 5000
01-108415S Packaging, Carton & Lining (Box)
01-108327S Packaging, Complete w/ Inserts (BOX)
01-103142S Patch Cord
01-108776S PCB ADAPTER STATIM 5000 115V, ALB
01-106350S PCB Power Cable
01-113389S PCB Rev 7 for 5000 G4 *Not Field Replaceable*
01-112998S PCB SEVEN  100/120V ST5000G4
01-104343S Plug-Drain Tubing
01-108541S Power Cable Filter/Switch
01-101647S Power Cord
01-100573S Power Switch
01-106787S Pressure Relief Valve
01-101618S Probe Bracket       *Not Field Replaceable*
01-100865S Probe Bracket Gasket  *Not Field Replaceable*
01-108800S Pump Recovery 0.0210″, ALB,Kit
01-108801S Pump Recovery 0.0215″, ALB,Kit
01-108802S Pump Recovery 0.0220″, ALB, Kit
01-108803S Pump Recovery 0.0225″, ALB, Kit
01-108804S Pump Recovery 0.0230″, ALB,Kit
01-108805S Pump Recovery 0.0235″, ALB,Kit
01-108806S Pump Recovery 0.0240″, ALB, Kit
01-108807S Pump Recovery 0.0245″, ALB,Kit
01-108808S PUMP RECOVERY 0.0250″, ALB, KIT
01-108809S Pump Recovery 0.0255″, ALB, Kit
01-108810S Pump Recovery 0.0260″, ALB, Kit
01-108811S Pump Recovery 0.0265″, ALB, Kit
01-108812S Pump Recovery 0.0270″, ALB, Kit
01-108814S Pump recovery 0.0280″, ALB, Kit
01-108815S Pump Recovery 0.0285″, ALB, Kit
01-108817S Pump Recovery 0.0295″, ALB, Kit
01-108818S Pump Recovery 0.0300″, ALB, Kit
01-108819S Pump Recovery 0.0305″, ALB, Kit
01-113067S PUMP RECOVERY 0.0310″ ABL ,KIT
01-113068S PUMP RECOVERY 0.0315″ ABL, KIT
01-113069S PUMP RECOVERY 0.0320″ ABL, KIT
01-113070S PUMP RECOVERY 0.0325″ ABL, KIT
01-113071S PUMP RECOVERY 0.0330″ ABL , KIT
01-104313S Pump Recovery Kit
01-104312S Pump Recovery kit Statim 100v, A/B
01-100713S Pump Tester Bottle
01-111115S Pump Water outlet elbow
01-110446S Pump, Ulka
01-101755S Push-In Fitting
95-113416 Quick Reference Guide
01-101709S Rack, Unwrapped, Mesh
01-112401S Reservoir Cap
01-101622S Reservoir w/ Sensor & Float
01-110222S RS232 Port Kit 5000
96-106775 Service Manual
01-104303S Solenoid Coil
01-100998S Solenoid Plunger Repair Kit
01-103471S Solenoid Plunger Wrench
01-101628S Solenoid Valve Complete
01-102018S TEST PLUG, D/H
01-104462S Thermal Fuse
01-103719S Tubing Silicon gray (33 ft)
01-108984S Validation Thermocouple 5000
01-100812S Waste Bottle Complete
01-100735S Waste Bottle Fitting
01-100724S Waste Bottle Only (no condensing coil)
01-106637S Water Filter, In-Line
01-103571S Water Quality Sensor

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