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Scican Bravo 17V 120V OEM W#AJP00B0000 LIFETIME WRNTY






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The BRAVO fractionated vacuum chamber autoclave continues the SciCan tradition of being at the forefront of innovation and technology. BRAVO incorporates both pre-vac (to remove air) and post-vac (to help drying) cycles to ensure perfect steam penetration for any load. BRAVO is true to the STATIM reputation for speed, providing rapid cycles for all types of instrument loads.


The BRAVO line of chamber autoclaves is one of the fastest on the market today.
BRAVO offers a perfect blend of speed and chamber capacity coupled with our drying technology to ensure your daily output of reprocessed instruments can not be rivaled.
With closed door drying and the Dri-Tec drying system,
the BRAVO gives you lightning fast & consistent dry loads every time to allow more loads to be processed daily.


The BRAVO offers numeroussterilization cycles with a wide array of parameters.
This allows the user to choose the appropriate cycle for the load, be it wrapped or unwrapped.

Ease of use

The BRAVO can be initiated by a single button.
Once the BRAVO has been properly loaded, the user can choose from one of four pre-set cycles as defined by the user.

Data storage

For any future guidelines, the BRAVO 21V (220V) saves all the data from each cycle. The integrated front USB port allows cycle data to be stored digitally, making record keeping simple and efficient. The same feature is available as an external accessory for model BRAVO17V (120V)

Filling, draining & cleaning

The BRAVO chamber autoclave has a automatic filling and draining option. The BRAVO 21V includes a top filling port, providing users with a third water filling option. (This is in addition to the conveniently located front filling port and the rear automatic fill port.)

Automatic Filling option: BRAVO units can fill themselves from a 10 litre remote bottle placed up to 6 feet away.

Direct to drain option: Lastly, a rear mounted, direct-to-drain port facilitates automatic drainage eliminating the need to manually drain the reservoir.



Chamber Size

10″ X 13.5″




Pre/Post Vacuum, Automatic


$15001 – $20,000



Unit size L 560mm W 480mm H 420mm
L 22.0” W 19.0” H 16.5”
Chamber volume 17L / 4.5 Gal
Chamber dimensions D 254mm x L 343mm
D 10” X 13.5”
Weight (without water) 58kg / 128lbs
Electrical rating 120V, 60Hz, 15A, 1700W
220/230V, 60Hz, 10A, 2300W
220/240V, 50Hz, 10A, 2300W


47200010000 Biological filter
99950923 RACK CHAMBER 17(V), 3/2 – BRAVO2
99950916 RACK CHAMBER 17(V), 5/3 – BRAVO2
99950924 RACK CHAMBER 21V, 3/2 – BRAVO2
99950917 RACK CHAMBER 21v, 5/3 – BRAVO2
01-111729 Data Logger (G)
01-111730 Data Logger (T)
48000050000 Door gasket
A7BP5920000 Packaging & Foam 17/17V
A7BG5380000 Packaging & Foam 21V
C8EX0240000 Packaging Plastic Bag
STXX0250000 Printer paper thermal roll
A9BP5430000 Printer Upgrade Kit Gam
C1BP583000Y Rack Chamber  17/17V
C1BP553000Y Rack Pouch
C1XP076000Y Tray for  17/17V
C1BG345000Y Tray for  21V
STXX0080000 Tray handle
Spare Parts
95530152  (T) Prtr Kit w/Metal Plate(NA) – Bravo
97560045  ¼” Tube/ conecentric Drain – Bravo 2
97960068  ¼” Tube/ Sleeve Fitting – Bravo 2
97960056  1/4 TA 14 Cap – BRAVO 2
41000180000  17 Chamb Htr 120V 60Hz,NA 1500W
41000280000  17 Chamb Htr 220V 60Hz,NA 1700W
97526046  17 Pump Cable H5P3/H5 – Bravo
99950619  17lt Left Side Cover – Bravo 2
99950618  17lt Upper Cover – Bravo 2
99950410  17V Cross Bar (Left) – Bravo 2
99950409  17V Cross Bar (Right) – Bravo 2
97526040  17V/21V Pump Cable EVO10 – Bravo
97985600  2 Straight M Cylindrical M5
41000190000  21 Chamb Htr 120V 60Hz,NA 1500W
99950626  21lt Left Side Cover – Bravo 2
99950625  21lt Upper Cover – Bravo 2
99950333  21V Cross Bar (Left) – Bravo 2
99950332  21V Cross Bar (Right) – Bravo 2
41000290000  21VChamb Htr 220V 60Hz,NA 2000W
97270148  50ml Syringe – Bravo 2
58008036  5mm Allen Wrench – Bravo 2
97340162  6×8 Polyurethan Tube – Bravo 2
C3BP5610000  ABS plate
41200150000  AC Trans. 220/230V 60hz -gam
97781388  Adhesive label 21V
C7EX0370000  AISI 302 St. Steel Spring
49800010000  Allen Key for Vent Hole Nut – Bravo
97960028  Angle pipe fitting FM
40000330000  Bµ Vacuum pump 220V – Bravo
99950914  Back Spacer – Bravo 2
99950192  Barbed Fitting 1/8″ – Bravo
40000260000  Big membrane – Bravo
27100001800  Board Connector(GAM to Troll2) – Bravo
C5BM1400200  Board Troll 2
49000050000  Bush – Bravo
51242040  Bravo 2 M6x40 TPSEI screw
52210031  Bravo 2 M6 nut
53104010  Bravo 2 D6,4×12,5 washer
95530213 Bravo 2 Fill/Exh Tank Assy Complete
95509172  Bravo Frame Labels (pk)
97440043  Bravo Fitting for 99950913
97467015  Bravo 2 plastic spacer
97781344  Bravo Adhesive Label – Filling Tank
97781345  Bravo Adhesive label waste watertank
97781351  Bravo label-Use only Distilled water
97781354  Bravo Arrow Label
97782065  Bravo 2 IN & DRAIN Labels
99950374  Bravo Printer Locking Plate
99950913  Bravo Rear Chassis need 97440043
99950946  Bravo 2 MG1/8″xD7 Tube Angled Fittin
99950947  Bravo Angled Barbed Fitting 1/4″
99950948  Bravo Pipe fitting -connector
41000140000  Bravo Chamer Heater element 1700W
97781353  Bravo Adhesive Label -Hot Surface
01-114093S  Cable DataLogger (T)
A2BP2280000  Cable electro valve
A2BP4070000  Cable filter
A2BP4820000  Cable ground chamber
A2BP4810000  Cable ground rear frame
A2BP4830000  Cable ground steam generator
A2BP2220000  Cable microswitch
A2BG3520000  Cable motor reducer
A2BP4010000  Cable safety thermostat
27700003500  Cable tight
A2BP2270000  Cable water pump
STXX0120000  Calibration Board
40000150000  Central gasket – Bravo
C2BP0010000  Chamber 17 & 17V
C2BG5300000  Chamber 21V
99950911  Chamber Drain Cap
47200030000  Chamber Drain Filter – Bravo
A8BGR010000  Chamber insulating panel kit 21 & 21V
A8BPR140000  Chamber Insulation Panel Kit 17 & 17V
C4BP2140100  Chamber Thermo insulating cover 17
A1BG350000M  Chassis 21V
97668045  Clean Water Float Sensor – Bravo
18300000400  cleaner -STAHL FIX CLASSIC – Bravo
40000460000  Complete Head for H-5/P-3 Pump – Bravo
C1BH0060001  Cover for  17 & 17V
C1BG4680001  Cover for  21V
C1BP6240002  Cover left side 17/17V (2 piece cover)
C1BG5770002  Cover left side 21V (2 piece cover)
C1BP6230002  Cover top/right side 17/17V (2 piece cover)
C1BG5760002  Cover top/right side 21V (2 piece cover)
01-111775S  Direct-to-Drain
203C06L30K0  Door center screw 6 x 30
97467027  Door Cover – EU/Bravo2
C0BP060000Z  Door fork
C0BP0500000  Door fork pin
C0BP260000P  Door front metal
99950138  Door Hinge Assembly Complete – Bravo
C0BP2720000  Door hinge pin
C0BP0460000  Door Intermediate coupling
97467028  Door Internal – EU/Bravo2
C0BP0590000  Door locking system closing hook
A1BP2710000  Door locking system complete
C0BP0430000  Door locking system pin
C0BP0450000  Door Motor coupling
95530349  Door Motor with Bracket -cfb – Bravo
C3BP1850000  Door plastic cover
C0BP079000N  Door plate adjustment screw
251000003K0  Door Positioner Pin M8x16 – Bravo
A1BP027000Y  Door seal plate
C7BP2640000  Door spring
99950918  Door Switch Pin – Bravo 2
C4BP5690000  Door Thermo insulating panel
C4BP2740000  Door Thermo insulating plate
SB21V120V  EEPROM 120V 21V (<10JG0076) – Bravo
95509171  Elbow fitting Assembly
40100230000  EV parker 2way 24v – Bravo
40100370000  EV parker 2way 24v – Bravo
40100240000  EV parker 3ways 24V – Bravo
95530055  EV5 Complete Valve Kit – Bravo
97960048  EV5 MF G1/18 Ext. Fitting – Bravo 2
SCI-900-41  EVO C-clips (6) – Bravo
SCI-900-44  EVO Diaphragm (2) – Bravo
SCI-531-058  EVO Pump Head Screw – Bravo
SCI-388-224  EVO Pump Rubber Ft. Mtg. Screw – Bravo
SCI-50-200  EVO Pump Rubber Mounting Feet – Bravo
SCI-900-40  EVO Repr Kit (2) w/dia – Bravo
SCI-901-30  EVO Shutter & O-ring Kit – Bravo
A8BPR010000  EVO10 Vacuum Pump Kit 230V
01-111773S  External Clean Water Bottle Only 10L
47300060000  External Draining Tank 10L – Bravo
99950375  External Protection Grid – Bravo
C3BP1830000  Facia front plastic
97781390  Facia Label 17
97781392  Facia Label 17V
97781388  Facia Label 21V
40400030000  Fan 120 x 120 x 38 mm – Bravo
97467022  Filling/ Exhaust Tank only – Bravo 2
C5BP1430000  Filter board  -GAM – Bravo
260000006V0  Fitting CPC female water tap
266000007MN  Fitting for chamber filter
01-112922S  Fitting Gray (Stem) 1/4 X 5/16 Direct to Drain
95509138  Fitting Kit w/Tube Press.Trans
95509139  Fitting Kit w/Tube Safe Switch
99950359  Frame – Bravo
C3JP0110000  Front Frame – Bravo
FUSE-F-1.25A  Fuse 1.25A
FUSE-F-200MA  Fuse 200MA
97760031  Fuse 250V F15A – Bravo
FUSE-TT-2A  Fuse 2A
FUSE-T-4A  Fuse 4A
FUSE-T-5A  Fuse 5A
FUSE-T-6.3A  Fuse 6.3A,Type-T, 250V Belf 5ET6.3-R
97768500  Fuse Holder – Bravo
01-112545S  Fuse holder (pkg 2)
BRAVO FUSEHOLD  Fuse Holder for GAM PCB – Bravo
97960059  G1/4″ fitting nut – Bravo
BRAVO-GT2P120  GAM to Troll2 w/printer (120V) – Bravo
BRAVO-GT2P220  GAM to Troll2 w/printer (220V) – Bravo
BRAVO-GT2NP120  GAM -Troll2, no printer (120V) – Bravo
BRAVO-GT2NP220  GAM -Troll2, no printer (220V) – Bravo
99950119  Ground Plate – Bravo
97781359  H2O Service Label – Bravo 2
SCI-902-02  H5P3 Diaphragm (2) – Bravo
SCI-900-06  H5P3 Head w/dia – Bravo
SCI-200-06  H5P3 Head w/o dia – Bravo
SCI-900-12  H5P3 Repr Kit (1) w/dia – Bravo
SCI-900-18  H5P3 Repr Kit (1) w/o dia – Bravo
SCI-901-03  H5P3 Repr Kit (2) w/dia – Bravo
SCI-901-01  H5P3 Repr Kit (2) w/o dia – Bravo
SCI-70-303  H5P3 Shutter – Bravo
97598900  Handle Spacer – Bravo 2
C1BP6220000  Heat exchanger complete
C1BP6220000  Heat exchanger only
C1BP159000M  Heat exchanger support
41000170000  Heater cartridge 115V 850W – Bravo
41000260000  Heater cartridge 220V 1000W – Bravo
43300010000  Hook microswitch (open) – Bravo
SD-402  Installation Note – Bravo1
C6JP0010000  Keypad
C6JP0190000  Keypad Membrance -EU/ 2 – Bravo
C5BP1230000  LCD (SN 08xxnnnn to 10xxnnnn)”
97901487  LCD (SN>11xxnnnn) – Bravo
A2BP2630000  Level sensor cable external
97600130  Main Switch – Bravo
95509126  Maint. Kit Double -Pump New – Bravo
95509033  Maint. Kit Double -Pump Std. – Bravo
97150006  Metal Clip -Black – Bravo
97960047  MF fitting G1/4″ – G1/8″ – Bravo
97960018  MG1/8″xD7 Tube Angled Fittin – Bravo 2
43300080000  Microswitch roller – Bravo
48000060000  Millenium Door Gasket for Bµ
A5MM1610000  Millennium micro board USA 220V
A2FT0230000  Millprog Interface – Bravo
28600160000  Olive for temperature sensor – Bravo
47000010000  One way valve connector – Bravo
SD-306  Operator’s Manual
48100080000  OR for steam generator – Bravo
48100150000  OR for vacuum pump – Bravo
97360019  O-ring Filling Cap Sleeve – Bravo 2
C5BM1420000  PCB Filter board 120V & 220V Troll
C5BP4350000  PCB Filter board 120V GAM
C5BP1420000  PCB Filter board 220V GAM
C5BM1430000  PCB Printer board
97560099  PCB Standoff
232A03L25K0  Pin 3 x 25 (door motor)
C3BP2790000  Plug plastic
97526182  Power Cable, 6-15 – Bravo
97526181  Power Cable, NA 120V 15A
43100060000  Pressure switch – Bravo
A0BP6260000  Pressure switch assy w/bracket
C1BP538000M  Pressure switch support
260000009MN  Pressure switch/Transducer fitting
43100090000  Pressure transducer – Bravo
A2BP4700000  Printer cable power
A2BP4690000  Printer cable signal
97781389  Printer door label 17
97781393  Printer door label 17V
97781391  Printer door label 21V
C3JP0140000  Printer door (new style)
C3BP1840000  Printer door (old style)
C6BP6040000  Printer door inner label
97150037  Printer Door Magnet – Bravo
230B04L20K0  Printer door pin 4 x 20
A2BP2380000  Printer plug RS232 9 pin w/cable
A2BM5110000  printer supply cable – Bravo
C5BP5500000  Printer Thermal
25600000400  PVC foot – Bravo
97985500  Q-Pipe Fitting-Pressure Switch
260000007V0  Quick connect for manual fill/drain tubing
SD-346  Quick Reference Guide
95530358  Quick Start Guide w/ CD – Bravo
95509127  Rear Leg Kit
25600001400  Rear plastic foot
99950938  Rear thermoinsulating panel – Bravo
C3BP1700000  Reservoir and waste water tank
A0BP2900000  Reservoir assembly complete
01-112320S  Reservoir drain kit
A0XP0010000  Reservoir fill bottle 2500 ml
43200050000  Reservoire water level sensor – Bravo
99950620  Right Side Cover – Bravo 2
529000051  Ring Nut 1/8″ GAS S=4.5
48300010000  Rubber profile – Bravo
97730011  Safety Thermostat  300 C – Bravo
47000020000  Safety valve – Bravo
201C04L10K0  Screw cover & crossbar M4 X 10
52900055  Screw Holder – Bravo 2
C7EX0380000  Shaped Heat Insul. Hook 23X13
97550083  Side Cover Rubber Cap – Bravo 2
110000011W0  Silicon tube 4 x 7 transparent
110000018W0  Silicon tube 6 X 10 (steam gen to chamber)
110000005W0  Silicon tube 6 x 12 black
95509115  Silicone Drain Tube w/connect – Bravo
40000250000  Small membrane – Bravo
SB17120V  Software 17 120V
SB17220V  Software 17 220V
SB17V120V  Software 17V 120V
SB17V120V  Software 17V 120V
SB17V220V  Software 17V 220V
SB21V220V  Software 21V 220V
97668046  Soiled Water Float Sensor – Bravo
A9BM5450000  Standard kit  17 & 17V
A9BL0090000  Standard kit  21V
A9BM5510000  Steam Gen complete 115V
A9BP5250000  Steam Gen complete 220V
C0BP548000P  Steam Gen lower part
C1BP136000M  Steam Gen support
C0BP1310000  Steam Gen support spacer insulator
2860014000N  Steam Gen temperature sensor nut
C4BP5700000  Steam Gen Thermo insulating panel cover
C4BP2360000  Steam Gen Thermo insulating panel end
C0BP547000P  Steam Gen upper part
95509113  Steam Gen. w/out cart&probe NA – Bravo
C1BP175000M  Support bar reservoir 17 & 17V
C1BG320000M  Support bar reservoir 21V
C1BP147000M  Support electronic angle
C1BP270000M  Support front side angle bar
C1BP269000M  Support front top angle bar
C1BG317000M  Support left crossbar 21V
C1BG575000M  Support left crossbar 21V (2 piece cover)
C1BP152000M  Support right crossbar 17/17V
C1BP654000M  Support right crossbar 17/17V (2 piece cover)
C1BG318000M  Support right crossbar 21V
C1BG574000M  Support right crossbar 21V (2 piece cover)
97960040  T fitting FFM G1/8″ – Bravo
261000014V0  Tee fitting
110000002V0  Teflon tube 4 x 2,5
97340164  Teflon Tube Calibrated D4x2.7
43000180000  Temperature sensor PT1000 – – Bravo
43000190000  Temperature sensor PT1000-PT1 – Bravo
95530085  Thermal Printer Kit – Bravo
CBB60-D4  Thomas Pump V Capacitor-4µF
97750175  Transfomer 120V-50/60Hz GAM – Bravo
41200140000  Transformer 120V – Bravo
41200170000  Transformer 120V-50/60HZ-Trol2 – Bravo
41200080000  Transformer 220V-50/60HZ-180VA – Bravo
41200110000  Transformer 220V-50/60Hz-Trol2 – Bravo
A9BP5860000  Transformer complete 120V
A9BP5970000  Transformer complete 220V
A9BP5970000  Transformer complete 220V
C1BP161000M  Transformer support plate
95530084  TUV Safety Valve Assy
95509114  Upgrade Kit – Bravo
97550025  Upper Cover Pin – Bravo 2
97467023  Upper Filling Cap – Bravo 2
97467070  Upper Filling Funnel – Bravo 2
97467024  Upper Filling Gasket – Bravo 2
97467067  Upper Filling Sleeve – Bravo 2
97526082  USB Door Flat Cable – Bravo 2
97668116  USB pcb – Bravo 2
97668074  USB Pen Drive – Bravo 2
USB-STICK2  USB Stick Spare Kit,
40000420000  Vacuum Pump Assy 120VAC 60hz
A9BP5270000  Vacuum Pump large 17V & 21V 220V
A9BM5520000  Vacuum pump small complete 17 120V
A9BM5270000  Vacuum pump small complete 17 220V
CBB60-D45  Vacuum Pump Thomas Capacitor 5uf
263000002MN  Valve EV1 Tee fitting FFF
262000003MN  Valve EV2/EV4/EV5 elbow fitting FM
265000009MN  Valve EV3 coupling
263000003MN  Valve EV3 Tee fitting FMF
261000004MN  Valve EV4/EV5 pipe fitting
55V432011000  Valve EV5 support
C1BP173000M  Valves EV2/EV3/EV4 support
25600000800  Vibration absorber – Bravo
97290166  Water Filter Kit (5/pk)
01-111774S  Water Intake Pull Kit
40000220000  Water pump 24V – Bravo
111000006W0  Water pump adhesive mousse
95509145  Water pump grp-steam generator
40000050000  Water pump support – Bravo
48300020000  White Gasket Auto-Refill Bottl – Bravo
97526203  Wire Harness 12awg/Panduit con – Bravo
49800030000  wrench for drain filter – Bravo

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