Sunzyme Odor Control (Full Gallon 128oz)

Sunzyme odor control is a natural blend of 5 different enzyme-producing bacterial strains that are safe and effective for the elimination of organic stains and odors. Sunzyme removes stains and odors from carpet , wood, concrete, clothing, bedding and more. Sunzyme is safe to use around people and pets (non-toxic, biodegradable, non-flammable).

At over 200 billion enzyme-producing Colony Forming Units (CFU) per gallon it is highly concentrated and can be diluted 1:1 or 2:1 with warm water. This makes Sunzyme economical. Sunzyme breaks down organic matter such as fats, grease, urine, cellulose, carbohydrates, starches and uric salts. Sunzyme is the choice of professional carpet cleaners nationwide and is also used by pet owners, nursing homes, assisted living, home health care, hotels, apartments, vacation rental, automotive and boat detailers and more.



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Sunzyme is a water based odor neutralizer consisting of a blend of natural oils which have been formulated and distilled. The ingredients used in its formulation have been used regularly in food flavors and have a long history of safety use.

Sunzyme is a revolutionary concept in odor control technology. It is a complete system that removes unpleasant odors continuously.

Malodors themselves are vary volatile and light within the atmosphere. As a result, the malodor permeates throughout the atmosphere, causing unpleasantness, then comes into direct contact with the olfactory senses. When Sunzyme comes into contact with malodors, either static or airborne, they combine in the atmosphere to form a neutral substance. Due to the high molecular weight of both the malodor and Sunzyme, they fall to a lower atmospheric level and biodegrade naturally. “Biodegradable” refers to the microorganisms in the environment which break down the Sunzyme. When Sunzyme and malodor fall to a lower atmospheric level, the microorganisms break down the encapsulated molecules. As a result of this biomolecular activity, normal air quality is restored. In many areas where Sunzyme is used continuously, a residual effect will impede the reoccurrence of the odor. Sunzyme may also be sprayed into the air or directly onto surfaces. The surfactants, by nature, are water soluble and biodegradable. Sunzyme can be diluted from a concentrated form and can be used as a process addition to existing products. The product is multifunctional in regards to its various applications. Kitchens, bathrooms, hospitals, schools, restaurants, waste water plants, and hotels are examples of only a few areas where Sunzyme can be applied.

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  • No strong chemical odor
  • Active ingredient breaks down into oxygen and water
  • Non-flammable
  • EPA Cat. 4 for skin & eye irritation
  • 0 HMIS heath hazard rating*
  • EPA Cat. 4: lowest toxicity level on EPA toxicity category
Active Ingredient EPA Toxicity Category Single Word Required
Quats + Low % Alcohol Cat. 3 CAUTION
Quats + High % Alcohol Cat. 2 WARNING
Phenolics Cat. 1 DANGER

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