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W&H PL-40 HW Proxeo Twist Cordless System LatchShort 90000346

Set PL-40 HW + PL-66 W (LatchShort)

For W&H Prophy Cups and Brushes

Consists of:

  • Handpiece drive
  • Wireless foot control
  • PL-66 W contra-angle head (LatchShort)
  • Handpiece holder
  • Charger incl. adaptor

Main advantages at a glance:

  • Cordless handpiece
  • Lighter than many smartphones
  • Cordless foot control
  • Appropriate disposable prophy angles
  • One-stop shop
  • No pulling from the cable
  • Li-Ion battery


$1,942.00 for 3 item(s)

The new freedom of rotary polishing

Proxeo Twist Cordless is about polishing with no restrictions in various ways. Enjoy complete freedom of movement without cords. Choose your preferred cup system from the modular system and benefit from a significantly reduced working height with the unique LatchShort system.

More adaptable than ever

The cordless, ergonomic design means that the handpiece can easily be rotated 360 degrees in the hand, enabling dynamic adjustment of the working position.

Make it easier on yourself

The cordless handpiece along with the disposable prophy angle is less than half the weight of many connected motors with a speed reduction green contra-angle handpiece – for even greater comfort when polishing.

Allows you complete freedom

Twist and turn the handpiece at will and change your treatment position as needed for better access and an unrestricted view.

Follows you every step of the way

With the cordless foot control you can move much more freely and quickly change your position in relation to the patient.

Supports your back

Without cable you can pay greater attention to maintaining an ergonomic and back-friendly posture. Cord dragging is now a thing of the past.

Never lets you down

The foot control enables you to infinitely vary the handpiece speed and adjust it to the clinical requirements. The durable lithium-ion batteries always ensure sufficient power.

Easy to reprocess

The smooth surface ensures maximum hygiene. Simply wipe-disinfect the handpiece. The metal sleeve can be removed and sterilised or thermo washer disinfected.

Prophy Angle Cups

W&H offers the appropriate disposable prophy angles in various hardness levels for the Proxeo Twist Cordless Polishing System. They were designed in consultation with Prophy users. Great emphasis was placed on features such as optimal adaptation, simple paste pickup and distribution as well as gentle cleaning into the sulcus.

German Design Award

Proxeo Twist Cordless was honored as one of the Product Innovations 2020 in the German Design Awards. The high-quality product and communication design were assessed. Proxeo Twist Cordless is thus considered one of the defining products in the international product and design landscape.


The W&H Proxeo Twist Handpiece Drive PL-40 HW 07947190 instructions for use is available here.

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Weight:105 g
Maximum speed:12,000 rpm *
Maximum torque:2 Ncm
Dimensions (W x D x H):142 × 25 × 28 mm
Battery type:Li-ion
Running time when fully charged:8 polishing treatments of 6 minutes each
Standby:automatically after 4 minutes
Charging time:for full charge (100%) approx. 2 hours
for recharge (50%) approx. 30 min
* maximum speed 3,000 rpm using prophy cup/brush together with straight and contra-angle head

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